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bazinha te leva para visitar a festa de chá do filme ALICE de Tim Burton

Como vcs já devem saber, tava rolando nos EUA, mais precisamente em San Diego, um grandioso evento ao qual EU NÃO FUI chamado COMICON. O evento é tão importante que são reveladas muitas novidades sobre filmes e séries. No caso, uma prévia do filme ALICE do Tim Burton. Garimpeira internauta e fã que sou, consegui achar fotos pra gente praticamente dar um rolê virtual lá na exposição!!! Passem mal comigo:

O passeio começa aqui, com uma porta no meio do NADA!

Onde é que ela vai dar???

No buraco do Coelho, por onde cai a Alice!

E de lá você chega nessa sala, onde tem uma graaandeeee Aliceeeeeee 

E olha só o vestido dela de perto! E tb o croqui da Coleen Atwood, figurinista do Tim Burton!

E em frente ao vestido, uma estante com objetos inesquecíveis como as chaves!!!

as garrafinhas "BEBA-ME" que a fazem diminuir...

.. e o biscoito "COMA-ME", que a faz crescer!

De lá você vai parar nessa sala, onde tem a mesa da festa de chá à esquerda e a roupa e cartola do Chapeleiro à direita!

Mais de pertinho... que lindinho! Olha os docinhosss, a panqueca, o pudim, o bolinhoooo....!!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaah... o figurino do Johnny Depp!!! Um lenço rosa no bolso dele? Uhmmm...

A CARTOLAAAAAA! Notem como aqui os números 10/6 estão iguais ao desenho original do livro! :D

Peruquinha laranja fosforecente deleeee! AAAHahahahah!!  

OLHA O JARDIM! OMG! As flores que cantam, os cogumelos... tô passando mal aqui! :~

Nessa sala vizinha tem a roupa da Rainha Vermelha e tb todos seus acessórios! 

O vestido mais de perto + croqui da Coleen Atwood! Sou fã dela!!!

Chapéu da Rainha, interpretada pela atriz Helena Bonham Carter

Peruca e coroa da Rainhaaa! Note que deixa o rosto dela em forma de coração! ;)

Botinhassss! Que lindinhas! Douradas com vermelho no interior!

Saca só o cetro da Rainha Vermelha! Uma gema enormeee de rubi!

Óculos em forma de coração! Tô imaginando que horas ela vai usar isso!!!

O trono!!!!

Nessa sala tem a Rainha Branca (à direita)

Mais de perto... vestido usado pela Anne Hathaway no papel de Rainha Branca!

Uma das peças do xadrez brancas! Lindona, né???

Olha só! ARMADURA DA ALICE. Como assim? Só vamos descobrir em Abril de 2010!

Lembrando que todas as fotos que eu postei são do Olivier Ciappa, então se forem postar em algum lugar DÊEM O CRÉDITO DIREITINHO!

Outra coisa divertida que eu achei foi um vídeo que uma americana chamada Katie fez enquanto visitava toda essa maluquice!!! Dêem uma olhada:


E para os bem viciados MESMOOOOO, aqui vai a entrevista (in english, sorry! mó preguiça de traduzir.. se der tempo eu traduzo) que o Tim Burton deu lá na Comicon! YAY!

It seems be the perfect marriage, Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton seem to be the perfect marriage. What is it about this particular book that you felt through your unique responsibilities/sensibilities as a filmmaker?
Tim Burton: It wasn’t only the books, it was, you know, growing up and you hear this kind of imagery and music and songs. I don’t know, just something about the kind of imagery that he created that sort of throughout lots of different generations, it still plays in people’s minds. I think any kind of thing that has strong dream-like imagery that stays with you is just, you know, important to your subconscious and thinking and creative mind. I just felt like, you know, try to do it a different way ‘cause I had never seen a lot, any movie version that I really liked, so, they attempt was to take that imagery and try to make it into a movie.
Seeing how the movie suits you. What’s your emotional connection to it?
Tim: Well, emotional connection is that, it came from the fact from seeing other movie versions of it, that it never, I never felt an emotional connection to it. There was always a silly girl wondering around from one crazy character to another, and I never really felt a real emotional connection so it was an attempt, to really try and give it some framework and emotional grounding that I felt I hadn’t seen in any version before. That was the challenge to me, to take it, and every character is weird but to try and give their own specific weirdness so that they are all different, you know. I think all of those characters serve, indicate some type of mental weirdness that everybody goes through so, but the real attempt was to make Alice feel more like a story as opposed to a series of events.
What did Alice mean to you when you were brought up, you said it was about somebody on a weird journey trying to deal with her problems in her mind, in which way do you relate to that?
Tim: Well, it’s a fairly universal concept, of these kind of stories, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, it’s an internal journey, I mean these characters represent things inside the human psyche. I think that’s what every child does, you try to work out your problems as you go on, same thing as an adult. Some people get therapy, some people get to make movies, you know, there are different ways of getting this sort of thing worked out.
You were described as a comic-con virgin and I wonder what is your opinion on this circus, what is it about comic con that has attracted so many people, also how did you arrange for Johnny Depp to be in that round table conversation for the public?
Tim: He was just happened to be in the neighborhood, we saw him wondering around outside dressed as Jack Sparrow… No, it was just nice, he came to support the movie. I’m sorry what was the question?
About the Comic Con.
Tim: Yeah, Comic Con, right. Well, I hadn’t been here, I came when I was a student. It was a few people, with a bad slideshow. This is a whole amazing, different thing. One thing that was always true about it, that people love, passion about this kind of stuff, so it always had a good feeling that way, and you know, it’s always nice to see people dressed up, I mean, I love, Halloween is my favorite time of year. This sort of extends that whole extra weekend, seeing great costumes and stuff. It’s got a great spirit to it.
Mr. Burton, looking at your cannon of films, is there a certain evolution that you noticed in the last couple films?
Tim: No, I mean, I don’t know. It takes awhile. It’s easier to look at things in retrospect and kind of see where you were at mentally, at the time you’re doing things, you are in that zone of in the present and all, so I think it takes time to kind of see where things lie in terms of that kind of thing. And I never try to think too much about it, just move on, try to keep moving on.
Tim, a couple weeks ago Johnny Depp mentioned that you guys compared sketches for The Mad Hatter and they were pretty much alike. Can you talk about this character and the importance of The Mad Hatter to the story?
Tim: Well, I mean, it is an iconic character, and again it’s been portrayed in animation and live action and like I said, I think with Johnny too he tries to find a grounding to the character, something that you feel other than just being mad. Again, in a lot of versions it’s a very one note kind of character and his goal was to bring out, like I said, a human side to the strangeness of the character and a, for many years, that’s all, anytime I’ve worked with him that’s what he tries to do with something, this was no exception.
Talk about your first time experiencing Alice in Wonderland, the book, the movie, the when and what was your experience?
Tim: Well, I’ve seen the imagery, and the movies I’ve seen, I’ve never like “Oh, Alice in Wonderland.” I’ve seen the Disney cartoon probably, maybe that was the first one but there’s like the 1930’s version, there’s other TV versions, like I said, I never really got into them so that was the goal, to try and make something to make sense of the characters.
Did you read the book? At what age did you read the book?
Tim: Oh, yeah. Well, I was about, in school so maybe about 8-10 or whatever. But you know, I have a weird connection, because I bought the house, I don’t know if you know the illustrator Arthur Rackham, I work, live, work out of his studio and he did, like in 1905, did some amazing versions of Alice in Wonderland and Sleepy Hallow and things that were in en vue. So felt there was a real connection between me and the material and the life and that always helps somehow.
When you were working on, pretty much building how you wanted to this in terms of how much you wanted to practically do with make-up and how much you wanted break with the effects, what are your thoughts and how might that split be and then the technology you wanted to impark?
Tim: Well, as you know, and as you can probably see here today there are so many different techniques, you know. I mean, there’s pure mocap kind of thing, and then animation, or live action, mixture of them. I just, for my own personal reasons, I just wanted to, I didn’t want to do the whole mocap thing, ‘cause I’m not personally so much into that. So I just went more with the pure animation and then live action but then try tried to warp the live action to fit into the world. So I mean all the techniques have been done before, this is sort of a new kind of mixture of them that way. So you know, it remains, still working on it so it remains to be seen how it all turns out. But the goal was, when we had actors, is to use them, and not, you know, put green dots all over them and not use them. But I mean I know it’s all, all these mediums are valid. It’s not like there’s one I think is not any better than, you just try to, whatever your project is, you use the one that works best for that project.
I’m a big fan. Just got to ask, is this more of a sequel or re-imagined?
Tim: I wouldn’t call it it’s not a sequel. There are so many stories in Alice in Wonderland, books. So its, goal was to take this randomness of the books, so it’s just taking elements of the books and making itself a story. Like I said, a lot of it is based on this jabberwocky poem in one of the stories, so it’s not like, and that’s not a big part of the story but we’re just using the elements of all the books because that’s the nature, they don’t really follow a specific structure. You can go back to your planet now, thank you. (laughter)

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Últimas novidades sobre o filme do Tim Burton "Alice"! Imagens e o tão esperado trailer!!!

Momento mágico!!!  Saiu *FINALMENTE* o trailer do filme ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Alice no País das Maravilhas) feito pelo Tim Burton!!!   Vibrem comigo, pessoal:

 Uuuuuh...... Alucinante, né? OMG, como eu vou sobreviver até o dia da estréia???  Lá nos EUA tá agendado pra 5 de Março de 2010... Infelizmente nóis brasileru é um bocadin atrasadu e só vai poder ver dia 16 de Abril.  Mas uma BOA NOTÍCIA pra gente sofrer ainda mais: VAI TER EXIBIÇÃO EM 3D E IMAX!!!!!! OMG!!!! Morri de vez! 
Vou até postar uns screen-shots do trailer pra gente poder olhar com mais calma enquanto esperamos....!

E agora vamos a algumas imagens novas dos personagens principais.... 

ALICE & O COELHO (Mia Wasikowska & Michael Sheen)

A RAINHA BRANCA E O CAXINGUELÊ (Anne Hathaway & Barbara Windsor)
Obs: o ratinho em inglês chama Dormouse, é um roedor noturno que está entre esquilo e rato.


RAINHA VERMELHA (Helena Bonham Carter)

Outra novidade legal é que os personagens estão no FACEBOOK! Pelo que eu vi não é oficial, mas vale pela brincadeira de se tornar fã das Rainhas e do Chapeleiro e "leais" a cada um deles!!! 
The Loyal Subjects of the Red Queen:
The Loyal Subjects of the White Queen:
The Disloyal Subjects of the Mad Hatter:

Se você está tão apaixonado por esse filme quanto eu e quiser conferir mais informações sobre ele (roteiro, lista de atores que irão participar, a verdadeira história da Alice, etc etc) confiram no meu POST COMPLETO SOBRE O FILME "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" DO TIM BURTON! Eu tenho feito updates lá, juntando tudo que está saindo sobre o filme num post só.De fã para fãs. :)

Ah, sim!!! E tb tem o site oficial (que é de onde veio essa imagem bonitinha do chapéu do Chapeleiro e da garrafinha "beba-me"). Mas eu já postei aqui tudo que tem lá, hohoho. 

Volto assim que surgirem mais novidades sobre o filme! Hasta luego! 
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Blog da bazinha: novas imagens de "Alice in Wonderland", novo filme do Tim Burton

Finalmente temos mais imagens do filme mais aguardado de 2010 (pelo menos por mim)!!! E são ótimas! Um deleite para os nossos olhos! Olha só:

Alice, interpretada por Mia Wasikowska (leia + no outro post), com figurino e tudo espiando pelo buraco do Coelho Branco.

(CLIQUE p/ ver maior)

Chapeleiro Louco, interpretado por Johny Depp
(Cique para ver maior)

Rainha Vermelha, interpretada por Helena Bonham Carter (Clique p/ ver maior)
OBS: essa não é a rainha de Copas que grita cortem-lhe a cabeça! Leiam meu outro post.

Rainha Branca, interpretada por Anne Hathaway
OBS: Para saber quem é a Rainha Branca, leiam meu outro post.
Clique p/ ver maior.

Twiddledee e Twiddledum, os gêmeos interpretados por Matt Lucas
Clique p/ ver maior.

Olha só que cenário SUPER Tim Burton!
CLIQUE p/ ver maior

Alice no jardim das flores cantantes... Que sonho!!! 
 p/ ver maior

Com o Coelho Branco (ele é maior do que eu imaginava).
Ou acesse aqui um visualizador de detalhes dessa foto no site do USToday

Essa é uma ilustração conceitual do cenário. Parece o interior macabro de um casarão.

Outra novidade é que já se sabe um pouco mais sobre o roteiro..... "Alice tem 17 anos e está indo a uma festa super chique, e lá ela receber uma proposta de noivado em frente a centenas de pessoas super high-society. Ela foge correndo e acaba seguindo o Coelho Branco por um buraco até chegar no País das Maravilhas, um lugar que ela já visitou a 10 anos atrás, apesar de não se lembrar de nada."
A estréia está marcada para o dia 05 de Março de 2010 (nos EUA) e vai ter versão 3D para a nossa alegria! \o/

Realmente Tim Burton não vai nos desapontar! :D

Clique aqui para ler o post super completo que eu fiz contando tudinho sobre o filme "Alice in Wonderland" do Tim Burton, com várias outras imagens!

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